Monday, March 28, 2011

Our story... so far

Ok ok, I figured it's about time our story gets shared on our blog. It hasn't been shared yet because it is still unfolding but I guess it's time to fill you in up to this point. I'll spare you the gushy details and try to remember the funny parts to keep you entertained!

Math has always been a struggle for me and this semester I finally decided to woman up and take Math 1010. I started the new year with new goals and a new energy. I was ready and focused... and then I met Tyler.
As the first days of class crept by I noticed there was a total hunk in the class. His name was Derek.. (just kidding it was totally Tyler) I walked into class one day, turned in my assignment and sat down. Tyler followed quickly thereafter and I had to act fast if I was going to get him to sit by me. I moved my backpack over to the other side of me to create an open seat. "he's gotta take it" I thought. I mean it would have just been rude it he didn't right? Lucky me he took it! We immediately hit it off. I still remember the exact conversation.

Tyler asked for my number as we walked to our classes and we continued our math friendship. It wasn't to long after that Tyler asked me on our first date. He took me to lunch at a chinese restaurant and I embarrassed myself by showing how "graceful" of an eater I am. (I had noodles hanging down my chin and spilled all over the table I'm sure. Something he, since then, has learned to deal with)

A couple weeks had gone by and I still couldn't figure out if he was interested. I told my roommates over and over that he wasn't as they tried to convince me he was.

Oh hey everybody! It's Tyler. I'm just gonna cut in right here and share my side of the story so far:

I was trying to pump myself up as I walked to my math class on the second day of the semester. "Ok Tyler, maybe Prof. Damon isn't that bad of a teacher. It's only been one day" I thought to myself.  "Maybe I'll just turn in my homework and bail. Besides, I can just learn it on my own by studying the book."  I continued to walk slowly into the Natural Resources building.  I paused for a second in the lobby to pull out my homework assignment and with a sigh of utter dissatisfaction opened the door to my math class...

I walked into the room and made my way to the front where we turn in our homework and that's when I saw her for the first time. Ms Danelle Shrader.  We walked by each other, she smiled at me, and in my mind "This Magic Moment" by Ben E. King and the Drifters started playing. 

I quickly turned in my assignment and made my way to where Danelle was sitting. As I approached I noticed that she moved her backpack off of the seat next to her.  "Oh my goodness, she totally wants me to sit by her!" I thought to myself.  I sat down next to her and like she said, we totally hit it off. Mostly because I'm so hilarious.

I have no idea what the homeless man taught that day, but I do remember that I didn't want the class to end as long I was sitting next to Danelle.  But alas, the class ended as all classes must.  We began walking from the Natural Resources building towards the TSC when Danelle asked, "So where are you headed now?"
"oh crap." I thought "I don't have a class for another 2 hours. I'm totally just following her." Luckily I made up a quick lie about how I was going to institute and I got to walk with Danelle for another few minutes.  We laughed the whole time we were walking together right up until we parted ways.

I was most definitely interested in this girl.


  1. I am totally into this story . . . however, you are leaving me hanging. I hate waiting. Please . . . continue on! :)
    Love, Your favorite stalker :)

  2. ummm hello!!! Cliffhanger much!!! :)